Why NewFoss biorefining

Enormous amounts of biomassa and agricultural residue streams are burned daily throughout the world or left to rott on the fields. This results in vast amounts of CO2 emissions, increase of the greenhouse effect and global warming of our beautiful planet. Composting and digestion are a small step in the right direction as the biomass is used, but in the end also this results in the same effect: CO2 emissions. This must change, and it can.

At NewFoss we believe that materials like biomassa should remain materials and should not be degraded to fuels or direct energy. The structures and contents of plants are very useful and valuable, also when they are no longer living plants. Biomass should be treated or re-used in products with the highest possible function and value. This way the CO2 – or actually the carbon – is fixated in materials rather then being emitted into the atmosphere.

This is exactly what NewFoss does. The patented biorefining process treats organic residue streams such that they can be used as raw materials for various industries. Up until now we do that mostly with grass from roadsides and nature reserves which is not meant as feedstock for the food chain. So we are not using the grass which is used for feed for for example cows, but lower grade ‘waste’ grass. During its lifetime this grass has taken CO2 from the air using photosynthesis to grow and to emit oxygen (O2). At NewFoss we take care that the plant material is not converted back into CO2 , but keeps its function for many more years as for example paper or building material. This way we even extract CO2 from the atmosphere!

NewFoss wants to make a considerable and real contribution to the enormous challenge we are facing globally. Fighting global warming can only be done with breakthrough technologies, handling large volumes, having a real impact. But most importantly, it has to be done together with all the stakeholders in the value chains. Then we can turn waste into raw materials for sustainable high quality and high value products. With its technology and approach NewFoss sets a solid base for a new circular and biobased economy. Ready for a sustainable future.

NewFoss: Een green future for all of us!