Our Products

NewFoss produces natural sustainable products from organic residue streams for an attractive price as raw material for various industries. Sustainable products do not need to be more expensive than their fossil alternatives.

NewFoss supplies clean lignocellulosic fibers based on residual biomass as raw material for:

  • NFF-Iso: natural replacement for glasswoll and rockwool insulation. Also suitable for other building materials such as board material and composites.
  • NFF-Substrate: sustainable replacement for peat in substrate with mushroom growth and in potting soil.
  • NFF-Pulp: sustainable alternative for wood pulp in paper, cardboard and molded fiber.

The NewFoss biorefining process is also suited for the extraction of high value components from various crops. The following applications are still under development, although the stevia sweetener project is close to its commercialization:

  • Stevia: a sustainable alternative to the conventional extraction process resulting in a traceable, natural, biological and truly tasty sweetener.
  • Sorghum: biorefining of a versatile crop into various valuable products.
  • Sugarbeet: extraction of sugar via a sustainable, medium scale flexible process as alternative to the current energy intensive sugar production.

In addition NewFoss researches the valorization of the components present in the grass juice, the side product with fiber production.  These minerals, sugars, salts and acids can be used as raw material for for example the production of high value plant based fertilizer, bioplastics and de-icing agent.


Sugar beet