• NewFoss

    Biobased resources for a sustainable future

NewFoss, a green future for us all

NewFoss is a fast growing market player with a unique formula in the field of Biobased raw materials and techniques. We our proud to deliver economical and environmental efficiency through the NewFoss technique. This creates new revenue models for the biomass (waste) flows market and has a positive effect on our living environment.

NewFoss delivers valuable raw materials produced from biomass (waste) flows to her customers. These Biobased raw materials form sustainable input flows for various industries; from cardboard to chemistry, which are still depending on raw materials that are rapidly running scarce.
NewFoss has developed a bio refinery process and essential techniques and has combined these into complete installations in order to be able to produce these Biobased raw materials. NewFoss designs, constructs, maintains and, if desired, exploits these installations for her customers.

NewFoss is active in the field of:
(1) Biomass waste flow processing:
production of lignocellulosic fibers from natural grass, roadside grass and horticulture foliage for the production of paper, cardboard, insulation material and particleboard and much more (in the deployment phase).
(2) Food & Specialties processing:
production of valuable components from fruit and chlorophyll such as sugar from sugar beets and sweetener from Stevia (in the development phase).


NewFoss believes in 100% revaluation of biomass (waste) flows: the NewFoss process processes 100% of the non-wood biomass in re-usable, valuable products. NewFoss has built the first fully continuous installation in Uden for the commercial production of lignocellulosic fibers for primarily the paper & cardboard and packaging industry. Cardboard producer Huhtamaki from Franeker launched an egg carton that exists out of these NewFoss grass fibers for 50%. Huhtamaki takes the next step in sustainability with this worldwide premiere.

NewFoss creates new revenue and partnership models. For the processing of grass flows to lignocellulosic fibers; NewFoss cooperates with the composters that already play an active part in the collection of biomass waste flows. NewFoss works closely together with the bigger producers in the paper & cardboard and packaging industry who wish to incorporate a Biobased raw material in their production processes as well.