Stevia refining

NewFoss stevia sweetener: a natural, tasty and healthy alternative for sugar

The NewFoss biorefining process has been developed further since 2014 together with Wageningen University & Research (ACRRES) to refine stevia. The mild extraction process proves to be very efficient for extracting the sweetening components from the stevia plant.
The natural sweeteners from stevia are steviolglycosides and rebaudiosides. These components are very sweet, having about 300 times the sweetening strength of sugar. But the beauty is that the human body doesn’t take up any sugar. So stevia is regarded as calorie-free natural sweetener. A negative side effect of the commercially available stevia sweetener is that it has an off-taste. A lot of research has been done all over the world to get rid off this off-taste, but without any breakthrough.

Currently stevia sweetener is imported from predominantly China and some South-American countries. The production is not biological or traceable. And the extraction is done using an energy intensive high temperature process. Several years of research have proven that the NewFoss process extracts the sweetening compounds very effectively and efficiently, using much less energy.

And the biggest advantage is: the off-taste is gone! This opens up a much bigger consumer market for this healthy natural sweetener. Fighting obesitas at a much larger scale with a tasty sweetener. Making the world a little bit healthier.

Research in BTC lab

In 2018 scale-up research has been done in the BTC Lab of the BioTreatCenter in Venlo. This has been done using the modular flexible pilot plant which has been constructed early 2018.

Now we are at the verge of developing and building the first commercial installations for extracting stevia, together with various partners. In addition the value chain and business model is further detailed together with key partners Stevia1931 and Lommerse Breeding.

Freshly harvested stevia leafs

BTC pilot plant

Crude stevia extract