Paper and cardboard: NFF-Pulp

NewFoss cooperates intensively with different producsers of paper, cardbaord and ‘molded fiber’ from which for example egg boxes are produced.


De GreeNest molded fiber eggboxes are the first real application of the NewFoss Fiber in a commercial product. Developed together with Huthamaki, world leader in food packaging.

The demand for food packing at Huhtamaki is steadily increasing, but the supply of raw material is under pressure. The availability of recycle paper is reducing, mostly due to changes in the global trade. To tackle that issue Huhtamaki and NewFoss developed the molded fiber egg box produced with 50% grass based NewFoss fibers.

NewFoss treats nature grass, supplied by Staatsbosbeheer, to the lignocellulosic NewFoss Fiber – NFF-Pulp. This biobased raw material is treated further at Huhtamaki into pulp for the production of the egg-boxes. The packaging offers the same protection properties and can be completely recycled, just like regular old paper.

These innovative egg boxes are now in supermarkets in The Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and even in a few stores in New York and Australia.

A youtube movie about this development with Huhtamaki can be found here.

Paper and cardboard

The production of paper and cardboard partly based on grass fibers has already been done in niche applications by several parties.  The challenge is to do this at a larger scale at commercially attractive prices for bulk products.

So, to have a significant impact in the replacing of wood based paper and cardboard, product properties must be maintained at the right level, while having a limited or no effect on the costs.

That is why NewFoss has been active in the development of a grass based fiber suitable as raw material for the paper and cardboard industry. Of course, we do this together with these producers, both in the Netherlands as well as in Germany and Belgium.

And it worked. Together with Parenco (now Smurfit Kappa Parenco) we have added up to 10% of our NFF-Pulp to the cardboard production at their high speed production line PM2 in Renkum, replacing recycle paper. For the first time in the world! Raymond Jolink, previous director of Parenco tells about this success in this article (in Dutch).

In 2018 we have further developed this fiber together with Wageningen University and Research. This led to an improved fiber having a better fiber length distribution and improved strength properties. This way we have developed a biobased fiber not only contributing to a sustainable product but also a higher quality.