Building and Insulation: NFF-Iso

The NewFoss fiber has excellent properties to act as raw material for various building and construction materials.Together with our Swiss partner Gramitherm we have developed a insulation panel based on the NewFoss grassfibre: NFF-Iso. A wonderful sustainable and natural product having the same insulation properties as the fossil based glass wool and rockwool. But much more convenient with installation. And of course a far better Life Cycle Analysis – LCA – as the CO2 is fixated in the material for many years instead of being emitted into the atmosphere.

The advantages of NFF-Iso insulation panels:

  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Regulates the humidity and improves inside living climate
  • Easy to use with installation
  • Not itchy or allergic
  • Made from organic residue streams
  • Fixating carbon for many years, preventing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

This joint development has been done to a large extent with Dutch and Belgian partners as part of the Interreg Grasgoed project. Please also refer to the Grasgoed website en two Grasgoed movies here and here.

A link to a flyer about Grassbloxxx, one of our projects with insulation panels in the Amsterdam region, can be found here.

Insulation panels

Easy to handle

First application in the Netherlands at Natuurmonumenten in Hedel, Novembre 2018