Substrate and potting soil: NFF-Substrate

For the growth of al kinds of agricultural and horticultural crops and in potting soil, peat is used as base material, also called ‘substrate’. For many years people are searching for a suitable replacement for peat, as this is a non sustainable fossil raw material. Secondly, with the excavation of peat large amounts of greenhouse gasses CO2 and methane are released from the earth. And thirdly, the peat has to be transported over large distances as it is imported mostly from Germany (stops soon), Poland and the Baltic states. So, a triple negative effect on the earth. 

Together with substrate supplier ‘CNC Grondstoffen’ (CNC Raw Materials) NewFoss has shown that the grass based NewFoss fiber NFF-Substrate can replace part of the peat in the mushroom cultivation. Despite mushroom being a very sensitive crop, we have already proven that replacement of part of the peat by NFF-Substrate has no negative effects on the growth.

Within the POP3 Ecopalo subsidy project CNC, Natuurmonumenten, Heereco mushroom and NewFoss work together to develop and realize the large scale implementation of this sustainable peat replacement in the mushroom cultivation.

NFF-Substrate can also be added to potting soil for the consumer and professional market. NewFoss is developing this application together with BVB Substrates.