This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 877565.

Within several industries fibres are produced and used leading to alarming issues. The demand for insulation materials for example is growing rapidly to reduce heating cost, but the used materials are far from sustainable. Glass- and rockwool for example have a CO2 footprint of 1,1-1,5 kg CO2/kg and polystyrene even 7-14 kg CO2/kg. At the end of their lifetime these materials turn into special treatment waste. The substrate market landscape is not much better: fossil peatlands are drained and destroyed, impairing their carbon sink function. On top the excavated peat has to be transported over large distances to be used elsewhere. More and more countries reduce or ban the excavation and use of peat. On respect of paper and cardboard, this has a Carbon footprint of 1 kg/kg, on top, cardboard intended for packaging contains toxic mineral oils. 

NewFoss (Uden, The Netherlands) has developed a biorefining process which converts 100% of the residual biomass into ligno-cellulose fibre to make high value products. The patented biorefining process is energy/CO2 and water neutral, treating organic residue streams like grass, such that they can be used as raw materials. This way, we will develop the business and value chains for fibre intended for paper and packaging (NFF-Pulp), substrate/potting soil (NFF Substrate), insulation panel material (NFF- Iso) and as by-product plant-based fertilizer. These applications are proven on pilot scale, both technically and economically. Many industries and consumers in the EU can benefit from these sustainable products, saving money from a circular economy perspective and a sustainable and non-toxic point of view. 

The worldwide market for Potting Soil is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 2.8%, where as the insulation market has an expected CAGR of 6,2%. The ECOFIPS project has requested a budget of 2.5 M€ and will be executed over the course of two years. It is expected that NewFoss through ECOFIPS, in five years’ time, will generate a total turnover of 116M with a ROI of 10. 

The ECOFIPS grant phase 1 can be found here.